Child Support Portal

Child Support Customer Service Web Portal Update

Effective August 30, 2013, customers will no longer be able to access the “Case/Order Payment Information System” (known as the web IVR) at:

On this date, customers will be redirected to the Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal

available at  

To make this transition easier, Meigs JFS has already changed to the new Web Portal link!


If you are currently a registered user for ODJFS online Cash, Food, or Medical benefits,please use your existing User ID and Password to login.


WARNING: You are preparing to view information from a government computer system. Misrepresenting yourself and viewing another’s information or entering false information on this website may subject you to prosecution. By selecting “Click Here”, I affirm that I am the person I claim to be.


In March 2020, the U. S. Census Bureau will send every household an invitation to complete a simple questionnaire about who lives at your address on April 1, 2020.  You will have the opportunity to respond on-line, by phone or by mail.  Federal law keeps your responses safe and secure.  It is very important that Meigs County gets an accurate count of everyone living in the county.  For more information visit and click Census updates.